You can run queries on whole lists of data. Create lists from the results of a query or by uploading identifiers. Click on a list to view graphs and summaries in a list analysis page, if you log in you can save lists permanently.

Example lists (9 total):
  • equivalent to release v1 - putative TFs (754 Genes)
    A list of putative TFs, based on the presence of a putative DNA-binding domain (including C2H2 zinc fingers) and/or experimental evidence.
  • TFs with REDfly regulatory information (79 Genes)
    TFs for which REDfly holds information about the regulatory regions these proteins bind to.
  • equivalent to release v1 - trusted TFs (294 Genes)
    A list of experimentally verified TFs, definitive DNA-binding factors and predicted TFs with a canonical DNA-binding domain (excluding C2H2 zinc fingers).
  • TFs for which a PWM is available (129 Genes)
    Proteins for which a position weight matrix is available (Transfac, Dan Pollard's web site) or can easily be created (Noyes et al.: Homeobox specificities).
  • all curated proteins (1168 Genes)
    All proteins curated by the FlyTF/FlyBase curators. Candidate proteins were identified on the basis of a structural domain assignment (for a DNA-binding domain) or previous Gene Ontology annotation for a TF-related term.
  • experimentally verified site-specific TFs (171 Genes)
    Transcription factors with experimental evidence for both DNA-binding and transcriptional regulatory function.


Templates are predefined queries, each has a simple form and a description. You can edit templates in the QueryBuilder, if you log in you can create new templates yourself.

Example templates (18 total):

Query Builder

You can use the flexible query interface to construct your own data mining queries. A good way to start is by editing an existing template.

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If you have any questions about using this database or the data provided, or wish to contribute to the annotation of a gene (novel TF, novel evidence, etc), please get in touch.